Who I am
A by-product of El Salvador, born in Cambridge, living in Brooklyn. I specialize in strategy, development, and design. Previously StockX, Nike, & Seasons. Currently at Snap working on commerce & AR.
Where I come from
My parents immigrated to Cambridge, MA as refugees in the late 1970’s, fleeing the civil war in El Salvador. Both my mother and father are entrepreneurs, having started small businesses in the hospitality and automotive industries. They taught me the value of persistence and building something from nothing.

I've had the opportunity to study cognitive science at the University of Georgia and design computing at the University of Sydney. Although I never had a traditional background in design, I was fortunate to grow up on the internet. I'm a part of the Myspace and Limewire generation.
What I do
I solve problems and create experiences. I’ve been practicing design for over 10 years, working with both small and large teams, iterating on product or going straight from concept to MVP. I plan, organize, design, prototype and communicate.
My design process
1. Define the problem
2. Research & study existing paradigms
3. Audit and take inventory
4. Sketch out solutions
5. Dive into high fidelity design
6. Prototype experience beginning to end
7. Test and collect user feedback
8. Prep development package for handoff
9. Final visual QA
10. Iterate and repeat
What I've done
I’ve been a product designer at Square, helping provide tools to sellers like inventory management, employee tracking, and analytics. I've helped rethink and redesign the mobile health experience at Oscar. I've helped design and build a two sided marketplace at StockX. I've also given talks on how to shape product design and product management at small to large companies.

Over nights and weekends, I've consulted for others like Amazon, ROC Nation, Kanye West and Travis Scott. I've designed, built and published over a 6 different apps. I've started a company, built a team, raised money, and failed. I've also gotten up and done it all over again.

get in touch

I'm not looking for any full-time opportunities at the moment but I'm always down to collab on interesting projects. If you want to talk design, build something together, or just grab coffee and take a walk, definitely reach out. Email: