Dapper Labs

Years: 2022
Title: Design Consultant
Project: ARES & Mirror
Before I started at Snap, I picked up a new project. After Trevor introduced me to Dapper during our acquihire talks, I kept in touch with José and Nicole and ended up helping them design a multi-sig treasury safe on a new blockchain called Flow.

This was the largest crypto project I had worked on to date. I put together some high-level flows, spoke with existing safe owners, and got to work on the end-to-end experience. We caught up once, sometimes twice a week, leading up to design reviews every two weeks. Everything was async and I was able to check-in, ask questions, and share work as I went.

Even though the project only lasted a little over a month, I'm genuinely impressed at how much we were able to get done together. Huge shout out to the team for being patient with me and answering the dozens of questions I had along the way.