+ Product Designer
This was my first real product design role. I was 21, fresh out of school, and new to NYC. During the interview process, I had the opportunity meet Jack and grab coffee in SoHo. We walked around for an hour and he told me about working at his mothers coffee shop in St. Louis. I'll never forget that day.

At Square I worked across seller tools and dashboard reporting. The goal was to provide sellers with a quick overview of their day to day operations. Using transaction data from the register, we surfaced all the most relevant number for the day in an overview.

We created tools to import groups of items for inventory management, set employee permissions, and customize your online store. Somedays, we'd visit local merchants, chat with them, and get feedback.

Even to this day, seeing those registers everywhere is a beautiful thing. It reminds me of the beginning of my career and a place that I learned so much from.